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The highly myopic child is presumed to be genetically predisposed and therefore prone to rapid myopia progression.  Therefore, more frequent optometric reviews are recommended here. These visits should be conducted every three to four months instead of half-yearly.

The more frequent visits are necessary to ensure that spectacles prescriptions are kept current.  Spectacles and contact lens care advice are given.  Time should be spent on good eye care counseling for a holistic management approach. Highly myopic eyes are more prone to developing certain eye disorders.  Although these problems usually start from adulthood, the child with high myopia may suffer from an early onset.  Regular reviews will enable early detection and treatment.
Checklist on Spectacles Care
Spectacles frame too small. They should be correctly
sized for child’s face.
Spectacles legs too short. Check for back of ears for
chaff marks.
Temple angles should be equal and not distorted.  
Place spectacles with the legs up on a level surface
to check for “X-ing” of the frame.
There should be a slight positive pantoscopic tilt.  
Check for the correct alignment of the pupils with the
len’s optical centres.
Lenses should be held at correct vertex distance of
10mm to 12mm from the eyes.
Change spectacle lenses if they are badly scratched.  
Bend any displaces nose pads back into position.  
Check that bridge angels are correctly sized for the
child’s nose bridge.
Check for spectacle’s slippage. Seek help of your
optometrist for the appropriate counter measures.
Loose screws and hinges should be tightened.  
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