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Presbyopia Test

As one reaches the age of 40 years, the eyes start to lose their ability to focus for near. This natural aging phenomenon is called presbyopia. It is also known as middle-age farsightedness. Shortsighted people tend to become presbyopic at an earlier age.

Instructions :
  • Position your eyes so that they are at a close reading distance of about 36cm (14 inches) from the test chart projected on the monitor.
  • If you wear glasses, do the test wearing your normal DISTANCE prescription glasses.
  • Read down the chart, one eye at a time, line by line, until you reach the line you cannot read comfortably and clearly.
  • Look at the column on the left to find the test result.
  • Now test your other eye and record your results.
Interpreting the results

An eye with normal focusing ability should be able to read to the bottom line without blurriness or feeling any eyestrain. If you are unable to do so, chances are that you are suffering from presbyopia. You should consult your eyecare practitioner for an eye check and get prescription for reading glasses.

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