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Spend an hour a day in some outdoor sporting activity.  
Children should be outdoors during twilight hours.  
Children should not study late at night but sleep early.  
Room lights should be off when sleeping.  
Avoid the harmful effects of sunlight. Wear sunglasses.  
Eat a healthy balanced diet.  
Consider taking vitamins and anti-oxidant supplements.  
Keep spectacles clean and in good condition.  
Regularly update prescription for your spectacles & contact lenses.  
Do not wear over corrected prescriptions.  
Wear protective eye wear when taking part in contact sports.  
Clean and disinfect your contact lenses daily. Enzyme cleans your contact lenses weekly.  
Wash you hands clean and dry them before handling contact lenses.  
Stop contact lens wear if your eye is red, painful or UN comfortable. Seek medical help if problem persists.  
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