Myopia Control
Nearsightedness or Short-sightedness Treatments
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In Eye Care Clinic, experience first hand what dedicated patient care is really about...
Eye Care Clinic was established in 1993 by Dr Tony Ho to provide ethical advanced medical and surgical eye care less exorbitant charges.
A search of the ophthalmic and optometric literature will find that there are no hard and fast rules with respect to spectacles wear in myopia. A rational and individualized approach to spectacles wear is proposed here.
Young children are usually not mindful or responsible enough to take care of their eyes and this is where parents can play a key role.
The eyes of today's children have no time to relax. Reading, writing, watching television, using the computer, surfing the internet or playing video games...
Why Do Home Vision Testing?
The purpose of Home Vision Testing is to encourage early detection and treatment of eye disorders.

There are a series of books available at all leading island-wide bookstores that provides you tips on eye care.
Today's face pace lifestyle demands more from our eyes. The onus is on us to care more for them. While no miracle cures are promised here, you can expect to have healthier and brighter eyes by following the eye care tips here!
Children are in the danger risk group for rapid myopia progression and they should thus have regular and frequent optometric reviews of their spectacles condition.
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