Tips for good eyecare Today's fast pace lifestyle demands more from our eyes. The onus is on us to care more for them. While no miracle cures are promised here, you can expect to have healthier eyes by following our eye care tips! LEARN MORE Genetic and environmental factors in myopia Myopia is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Genetically, certain races such as the Chinese and the Jews are especially prone to developing myopia. LEARN MORE Test your vision at home The purpose of home vision testing is to encourage early detection and treatment of eye disorders. LEARN MORE The Childhood Myopia Epidemic Myopia or nearsightedness is the most common eye problem affecting our children today. One in four of our six-year-old kindergarten children are myopic. View Details Spectacles management plan for childhood myopia A search of the ophthalmic and optometric literature will find that there are no hard and fast rules with respect to spectacles wear in myopia. A rational and individualized approach to spectacles wear is proposed here. LEARN MORE
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